J2Life News 

8/7/09  J2Life is moving to RapidRed. Find Bruce Tate at RapidRed, with many of his exciting projects, including DigtheDirt. DigtheDirt is a gardening site, built by gardeners, for gardeners.

10/7/05  J2Life (now RapidRed), works on Ruby project called DigtheDirt.

10/7/05  J2Life works with leading automated fuel vendor Autogas on training and implementation of Ruby on Rails project.

10/7/05  J2Life provides design review services for Autogas, Inc. to do fit assessment for a .NET or Java to Ruby project. As usual, the proposal for Ruby on Rails delivers results much faster and for far less money than competing proposals.

10/7/05  Ruby on Rails Traning. J2Life announces training, design reviews, project quick starts for fit-assessment for Ruby on Rails. Tate claims that the controversial framework can deliver results for new projects without compromising on quality, and in half of the cost of traditional technologies.

10/7/05  J2Life headlines one-day technical seminar for Platinum Solutions. The seminar discusses new Java innnovations that started in dynamic languages, persistence frameworks in Java, and the book, Beyond Java. Brian Rosenthol of Platinum praises the workshop, saying "We anticipated a positive response from the staff, but Bruce exceeded all expectations. Encore! Encore!"

10/7/05  J2Life headlines one-day technical seminar on lightweight development. Hosted by the University of Wisconsin at Madison, the conference discusses the Spring framework, lightweight development processes, and the next generation of lightweight languages and tools.

9/16/05  Beyond Java is released, with acclaim and controversy. Beyond Java suggests that conditions are ripe for alternatives to emerge.

9/16/05  J2Life, LLC worked with DataSynapse to help align their technology with key open-source initiatives. Says Jamie Bernardin, CTO of DataSynapse: "Bruce was great to work with because in addition to his outstanding Java knowledge, he's got great visibility into current trends and best practices shaping the industry."

5/3/05  Spring: A Developer's Notebook goes to the printers. The next O'Reilly project, Beyond Java, is under way.

3/15/05  Better, Faster, Lighter Java wins Jolt award as best technical book of 2005.

1/23/05  Bruce Tate of J2Life provices keynote for Java Groupen in Denmark..

11/14/04  J2Life offers Spring training in partnership with Interface21, the inventers of the Spring framework.

12/15/03 J2Life works with two Colorado giants, Great West and IHS, to improve their J2EE solutions.

8/30/03  J2Life works with FedEx to jump start a Java initiative.

5/22/02  J2Life works with The Middleware Company on developer marketing, serving the top J2EE application server vendors. Ed Roman calls this "the most effective contracting relationship that we've ever had."

5/17/02  Bitter Java is officially a best seller, coming in at #9 in the Amazon overall list.